Welcome to Molten Meditation

Finding a time and place to meditate and reflect on God's word can be a struggle. So many distractions, so many interruptions, if you do find a moment of quiet all you can hear is the chatter of your own mind trying to contain the day. Molten Meditation wants to help. Our music and meditations are designed to fill your head, to blow away all the cares and thoughts of the day, and allow you to be immersed in sound and scripture.


Beyond personal meditation our music has evolved to underpin whole services and worship events. We've brought explorations of worship to Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival and collaborated on the post-modern sacramental experience of Soul Circus events. As we create more music and more visual interpretations we hope to make them available here. We have a new album under development which we hope will provide the basis of an entire worship gathering and bring with it songs and liturgy for a post-charismatic, post-evangelical and post-christian world.

Our Music

We currently have four albums of contemplative music to offer and a DVD of a number of tracks accompanied by some original visuals. The first three albums contain long meditations of around 12 minutes each with carefully chosen verses from the Bible threaded through them. The fourth album contains purely instrumental and shorter versions from the other three albums plus some new material. These are particularly good for personal reflection, resting and mindfulness. CD's and DVD's are available to purchase in our shop and all our albums are available through iTunes, Spotify and Proost.co.uk. 

There's also a number of free tracks available on this website. If you enjoy what we do and want to support us then please buy CD's directly from us - we can delivery to anywhere in the world. With every CD you'll also get immediate access to mp3 versions to download. If you want to be kept informed of new releases, events and news then please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or join our Mailing list.

 If you'd like us to participate in your event or run an evening's meditation then please get it touch!

Please visit the shop to learn more about each album, see track listings, artwork, the verses we used and usage guidelines.

We have developed a number of visuals to accompany the meditations many of which can be found on our DVD. New ones will appear on our YouTube channel as we produce them. 

You'll also find more of our work on the Soul Circus website and YouTube channel.