We produce a lot of unique pieces of work for various services, events and installations. When we can we'll stick them here!


We were asked to create a track as part of the Silent Pilgrimage for 2010's Greenbelt Festival. The idea was that at various places around the festival a secret meditation or piece of music would be broadcast. Pilgrims would wear a special pair of headphones which would pick up these broadcasts as they wandered around the festival. A lovely idea to which we were very happy to contribute.

The music was a bit more upbeat than our usual meditations and focuses on the Eucharist celebration, the bread and wine.

Automatic Worship

This was a sequence of worship arranged for the Soul Circus event at Booton Church in July of 2012. I performed the music and led the worship with just my laptop and Native Instrument's Maschine. 

The first part is an original piece called Automatic Worship which was then followed by three worships songs - How Great is Our God, The Greatest Day and To Be in Your Presence. In How Great is Our God I threaded through footage from Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe where he was talking about the enormity and Wonder of the nature of the earth and cosmos - breathtaking and totally appropriate when dwelling on how awesome our Creator is.

I used the same worship sequence as part of the Sacramental Charismania event at Greenbelt the same year, but with Hannah leading the singing.

Peace Be With You

Created for a Soul Circus event at St Stephen's in Norwich for Christmas 2012.

It's a meditation on the faces of Jesus mixed with choatic reflections on shopping and the declaration that peace be with you.

There Is Such a Thing As Forgiveness

Created for our event at Greenbelt Festival 2011. 

It's based upon an interview with the Rev. Ian Paisley that I heard on Radio 4 and found deeply moving. Paisley seemed to be a figure of hate in my childhood in the 70's and 80's - he represented to me a violent and biggoted christianity that I could not relate to - and yet his words in this interview bring me to tears every time.


Created for a Soul Circus event at Norwich Cathedral in December 2011. The words were provided by Rev. Phil Smith to which I created the music and Hannah provided the vocal performance.

The video footage of the planet is simply amazing and stolen from NASA with thanks.